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January 3, 2020

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Swiss Casino Online: the best online casino games with live dealers

Welcome to LiveDealers! Visit the “live casino” section of your favorite Swiss online casino. Enjoy an online casino gaming exerience as fun as going to a land-based casino. Want to know more about these games hosted by real dealers? Scroll below to find out more!

History of the Swiss Casino Online

The history of the Swiss casino online begins in 1993 when the first operators arrived on the internet. Unsurprisingly, this arena, which is very popular with internet users, continued to develop until 2000. And every year, many loyal Swiss peopwh, who go to land-based establishments discover the simplicity and accessibility of these platforms.

It was only in January 2019 that the first online casino was recognized as a legal platform by the appropriate authorities. Since then, several operators hav received this distinction, which reassures the gambling enthusiasts.

Of course, the variety of legal platforms presents a well-known problem: which is the best Swiss online casino? LiveDealers will give you all the answers you need to guide your choice.

Live Casino: What’s the best Swiss Casino online?

Several features will help you find the best Swiss casino online to play live. Some of this information will be prioritized according to your preferences.

Software and game providers

Every game played on a Swiss online casino is developed and offered by a provider. This information may seem minor at first, but it can nevertheless confirm the quality of the games available.

In addition, certain suppliers are recognized for the stability of their games. This feature is essential to guaranteeing the best possible experience during each “live casino” game.

At LiveDealers, we pay special attention to the which of game provider is used. The guarantee of optimal quality and the variety of software available helps to guide you when choosing your Swiss casino online.

Swiss Casino Online Bonuses

Not surprisingly, the value of bonuses granted by a Swiss online casino is a decisive factor for all gambling enthusiasts. These offers for new users are ideal for trying out the various software and services of an operator while limiting costs.

Some platforms also stand out thanks to periodic bonuses. These are offered to players based on their seniority or monthly activity. A relevant example would be the benefits associated with VIP programs.

LiveDealers presents the bonuses of each Swiss casino online and periodically check for updates and access of these offers in order to best your expectations.

Play Live Casino from your Smartphone

Today, the majority of Internet users use their smartphone or tablet to access the internet. These new habits encourage operators to optimize the compatibility of their services with these mobile devices.

The availability of a dedicated application (downloadable from the Appstore or Google Play) is therefore a crucial feature for many gambling enthusiasts. As a result, LiveDealers offers you to compare the different operators according to this feature. In addition, we check the stability of the games in “mobile web” versions.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

Each player has a more or less substantial monthly budget to play live casino games. However, each operator imposes their own minimum and maximum wagering system.

Some platforms may allow low bets, while others may impose a higher ones. Unsurprisingly, this information also applies to the value of the winnings. With LiveDealers, you will have this crucial information to guide your selection among the many operators.

Note that each minimum or maximum bet will be in CHF (Swiss Francs).

Payment Options

Previously, the majority of gambling operators only offered 2 payment options for depositing or withdrawing real money: bank transfer or credit card (Visa / Mastercard).  Now, each Swiss online casino can offer alternative solutions to optimize the comfort and experience of the players.

The implementation of cryptocurrencies, prepaid cards or popular services (such as Paypal or Neteller) thus allow many enthusiasts to manage each transaction via their favorite casino. LiveDealers provides this information in order to avoid certain “unpleasant surprises” during checkout.

The quality of customer service

Many players neglect the quality of customer service when choosing a Swiss online casino. But, this feature is crucial in order to respond to certain problems (inaccessibility of funds, technical question, etc.).

In order to reassure its users, each operator can offer accessible customer service via:

  • An online form (sent by e-mail)
  • A live chat tool
  • A hotline server (telephone number)
  • A postal address

The availability of these solutions may differ depending on your Swiss online casino. Please visit our site for all the information relating to this subject for better assistance with your selection.

Your Swiss Casino Online Awaits!

The above features will be your best allies for choosing the best Swiss online casino according to your preferences.

To better familiarize yourself, you are free to try the different games and services offered by your operator. For the interface, note that all platforms organize their sections using the same methods. Thus, you will quickly find the “Live Casino” category directly via the drop-down menu located at the top of the site in question. In the event of a problem, go to the FAQ section to find some important information concerning payments or the variety of software available.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

The Best Live Casino Game Providers

LiveDealers has selected the best Live Casino game providers based on objective and verified arguments by our team of experts.

Evolution Gaming
Casino Games

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the leaders in the design of ‘Live Casino” software. Since 2008, this publisher has provided many operators with excellent games optimized for computer or mobile device users. Every year, many enthusiasts are enticed by their softwares’ stability and interface accesibility.

Casino Games

By guaranteeing perfectly designed “Live Casino” games in Java, Flash or HTML 5, NetEnt is very popular in the online casino field. This renowned publisher offers a surprising variety of software dedicated to online gambling.

Lucky Streak
Casino Games

Lucky Streak emphasizes the realism of its creations in order to enhance each Swiss online casino with its particularly addictive games. In addition to software dedicated to Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, this publisher also offers many slot machines via a multitude of operators.

Casino Games

Do not be fooled by the high quantity of casino games offered by Ezugi! This publisher prioritizes the quality of its software. The result is clear: whether it is a question of stability or accessibility, this editor will guarantee you numerous games with indisputable visual appeal.

Authentic Gaming
Casino Games

Authentic Gaming is another supplier specializing in game design for your online Swiss casino. Active since 2015, this company continues to surprise players in the online gambling market with remarkable and powerful software.

Casino Games

Playtech has been providing many popular online casinos for several years such as William Hill or Bet365.  Its “Live Casino” games stand out from the competition with its frequent updates and unbeatable compatibility with all types of devices.

The Best Online Casino Games

Want to discover your operator’s “Live Casino” category, but your knowledge is limited? LiveDealers will provide you with all the information related to this subject in order to optimize your experience with your Swiss online casino.

Live Roulette

Roulette is arguably one of the most popular casino games. By playing live games, you will be accompanied by other real players and a dealer. And of course, you’ll find all the betting possibilities of roulette on the game table.

You have a few minutes to bet the next announced result. For beginners, you’ll bet able to bet according to a color (black or red), an even / odd number or other more or less precise predictions.

Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a game favored by many online casino fans. The goal of each game? Try to get the value of the cards dealt to equal (or approach) the number 21. However, victory is not so simple. The bank is also a major opponent for all players.

Based on a simple and frighteningly addictive rule of the game, Live Blackjack offers a fun experience where each game will definitely increase your adrenaline!

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a relevant alternative to blackjack or online poker. During a “Live Casino” game, you will be able to guess and bet according to the hand of the dealer or the pontes. A perfect result will bring up the number 9.

The growing popularity of live Baccarat is undoubtedly a result of the accessibility of this game. In fact, it only takes a few tries to understand each rule of Baccarat and experience the real games online. Beginners will also be able to observe other players to improve their knowledge and playing strategies.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to join your first Live Casino sessions? Have a question about how to choose a Swiss online casino? Don’t miss our FAQ. It will bring you all the information you need!

Should we prefer “legal” online casinos in Switzerland?

To date, only a few operators are officially legalized in Switzerland. In that regard, each Swiss online casino recommended on LiveDealers has legal authorization. This distinction is ideal for ensuring optimum reliability for all of our users.

However, if you want to use a platform not recognized by the Swiss authorities, first check the license granted to the platform. This information is also a non-negligible guarantee.

Is it possible to create multiple accounts with a Swiss online casino?

The creation of several player accounts from a single Swiss casino site is prohibited. If certain users are tempted to use multiple distinct e-mail addresses in order to multiply the welcome bonuses, bank identification will result in the deletion of additional profiles (sometimes leading to the loss of credits).

However, there are no restrictions on the use of multiple platforms. Each new registration will allow you to get your welcome bonus to try out the software and services available.

I read a negative user comment about a Swiss online casino. What should we think?

Every day, many users publish more or less relevant comments concerning online casinos. While some of them deserve your interest, others are sometimes written as web marketing (paid opinions). It is therefore difficult to verify the reliability of this information.

With LiveDealers, you benefit from objective information written by real experts. We do not accept any sponsorship. This policy allows us to welcome a large community of gambling enthusiasts while distinguishing ourselves from the competition.

How to take advantage of the bonuses offered by my operator?

Every Swiss casino online offers its users bonuses. A welcome offer will be automatically assigned at registration or after your first deposit.

As for periodic offers, we recommend that you carefully follow the news from your operator. Receiving newsletters is an ideal solution for not missing any bonuses. Don’t forget to accept to receive this information when registering!

Finally, certain bonuses are granted on a specific date (on your birthday, for example). These free credits will sometimes be granted using a promotional code.

I found Swiss Casino online that I like, but no website mentions this operator. Should I go with a different platform?

Every day, many platforms dedicated to gambling are launched on the web. Unsurprisingly, some of them have questionable reliability. Bonuses or services “never seen on the internet” will sometimes refer to dubious sites where hacking attempts are numerous (identity theft, bank fraud …). For your safety, we can only advise you to favor the operators recommended on our website.

Cybercrime can lead to complex situations. Pay attention to what you click on!

I cannot download my operator's app. What do I do?

Many operators have a dedicated app on the Appstore or Google Play. However, following an update, this type of program may be temporarily unavailable. In this case, you can contact the customer service of your Swiss casino online to obtain additional information. However, you can still join games of “Live Casino” from your mobile web browser (Safari, Google Chrome …). You’ll find all of the software and services initially offered through your casino app.

Do I have to use a webcam and a microphone to join a Live Casino game?

Some online casinos allow their users to film or record during a Live Casino game. While these communication methods are ideal for sharing unforgettable moments with other players, they are nonetheless optional. In fact, if you do not have the necessary equipment, you can also participate in these sessions while viewing the dealer’s actions and gestures.

Other operators do not offer any means of communication in order to prioritize concentration and confidentiality. It takes only a few minutes to test the “Live Casino” games at your Swiss casino online and check the available options.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!