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January 3, 2020

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Evolution Gaming, a premium software provider

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the leaders in the design of ‘Live Casino” software.  Since 2008, this publisher has provided many operators with excellent games optimized for computer or mobile device users. Every year, many enthusiasts are enticed by their softwares’ stability and interface accesibility.

Why do some players prefer Evolution Gaming's games?

Evolution Gaming has an undeniable know-how. With total dedication to casino game design, this publisher never stops surprising its players with carefully crafted functionality and accessibility.

Live Casino Feel

While Evolution Gaming offers classic online casino software, this publisher also provides “live” games where each experience is amplified. Whether you’re a fan of Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack, you will not be disappointed!

Have fun without having to move

Evolution Gaming’s “Live Casino” games are designed to provide you with an experience similar to the services of land-based casinos.  Chat, express your joys and frustrations, analyze the strategies of other players… Every session will allow you to have fun from the comfort of your computer or mobile device!

High Limits

Evolution Gaming is also recognized for the betting options associated with each of its programs. Beginners can bet at reduced amounts of credit. “Connoisseurs,” on the other hand, are allowed to bet higher amounts.

Amazing Payouts

The majority of games designed by Evolution Gaming provide players with incredible wins.  Each session gives you an intense adrenaline rush, such that only the best strategies become essential.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a supplier specializing in the design of online casino games (especially live games). Founded in 2006, this publisher quickly distinguished itself with its undeniable know-how.

The first software designed by Evolution Gaming in 2006 quickly conquered the most popular online gaming platforms. In 2007, the young company signed its first contracts with William Hill, Gala Coral, PartyGaming and other recognized operators. The positive impressions of the players were immediately identified: accessibility of the interface and stability of each program impressed them more than other programs of competing publishers.

Since then, Evolution Gaming has established itself as one of the leaders in the “Live Casino” arena. Many new games are released every year to multiple operators, where certain exclusive features are increasingly impressing players. Other licensed software programs (such as Monopoly Live) were also successfully released. In short, the future of Evolution Gaming looks bright — much to the delight of online gambling fans!

The Best Evolution Gaming Live Games in 2020

With 325 live casino games, Evolution Gaming offers a robust variety of software. Whether you are a fan of Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack or Texas Hold’em Poker, all your expectations will be met!

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

Evolution Gaming also offers the most popular variations of many online casino games.  Lightning Roulette, Deal or No Deal Live and lightning dice are perfect examples. No player is forgotten!

While Evolution Gaming is a provider for many operators, some online casinos do not have these essential software programs. With LiveDealers, you have clear and objective information about each online platform to guide your choice and enjoy the best possible experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Evolution Gaming software? This FAQ will answer the most frequently asked questions on the internet in order to keep you better informed.

How do I know if my Swiss online casino offers software designed by Evolution Gaming?

The variety of games available from your Swiss online casino can be confusing. However, you do not need to select each game to identify its publisher. Go directly to the “About Us” section of your operator to obtain additional information on this subject.

If you are unable to identify the provider of your games, do not hesitate to consult the articles published on LiveDealers. They will share objective information verified by real iGaming experts.

Can I play games designed by Evolution Gaming from my smartphone?

Absolutely. This possibility is one of the main advantages of this popular provider, and rightly so. You will find these software programs via a dedicated app or directly from the browser of your smartphone. Tablet owners will also be able to use their device to enjoy exciting games without any geographic restrictions.

If your games are unavailable for several minutes, don’t hesitate to check your operator’s newsfeed — a periodic update may be in progress!

Do I absolutely have to choose to play the games offered by Evolution Gaming?

The choice of an online casino game provider should be made based on several characteristics. And in this regard, Evolution Gaming has garnered many positive reviews. However, this publisher also provokes fierce competition in the “Live Casino” arena.

By browsing our LiveDealers site, you will find a list of the best providers of live games. The case studies that we write are thorough and guaranteed to be fundamentally objective.

Is it possible to chat with other participants of the software?

Yes, and it’s highly recommended. One of the advantages associated with “Live Casino” is the possibility to chat with other participants during a session. An integrated text or voice chat system is provided to make it easier to use.

Chatting with other participants allows you to share your impressions, give good advice, or simply debate about a strategy. The word “entertainment” takes on a whole new meaning, much to the delight of gambling enthusiasts!

The software designed by Evolution Gaming is not working. What do I do?

Again, the temporary inaccessibility of a live online casino game is sometimes due to an update in progress. If you still cannot join a session after several minutes (or several hours), check the quality of your internet connection. It is also recommended to try using another device (computer or mobile). Accessibility issues can be caused by a faulty photo / video sensor (or webcam).

Your operator’s customer service is also available to answer all of your questions. Why not reach out to them?

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!