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January 3, 2020

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Live Casino Online Bonus

A live casino online bonus is perfect for enjoying free plays. As a result, each operator offers exclusive benefits to attract or retain online gambling fans. What are the different types of bonuses offered online? What are their characteristics? LiveDealers answers all of your questions!

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

Types of Live Casino Bonuses

A live casino bonus is great for enjoying free games. As such, each operator gives exclusive offers to seduce or retain fans of online gambling. What are the different types of bonuses on the web? What are their characteristics ? LiveDealers will tell you everything you need to know!

Deposit Bonus

As its name suggests, the deposit bonus sets up an initial payment. So whether it’s a welcome offer or a way to keep players loyal, some casinos offer:

  • An additional credit defined in percentages (100%, 150% and sometimes even 200%)
  • A credit of a set amount (more rarely offered)

Unsurprisingly, a minimum deposit is often requested by the operator. This Live Casino bonus is generally allocated for new users in order to present the games and services available at lower cost.  The credit offered by the operator is automatically distributed following the minimum deposit.

No Deposit Bonus

As you can see, the No Deposit Live Casino bonus does not require payment upfront. It is automatically credited to your player account in certain situations:

  • After a first-time user registration
  • With a promotional code
  • When an email notifies you of the availability of this bonus

These very attractive offers are often preferred by players when choosing an online casino. It makes sense – Free is the ideal way to discover the “Live Casino” games of an operator while maximizing your chances of earning winnings!

The Best Bonus from Swiss Casino Online

Certain sites and online forums will describe a particular casino as the best operator to play live from Switzerland. Of course, this designation is subjective. In fact, every casino makes exclusive offers.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

Several aspects will allow you to choose a suitable operator according to your preferences. This study ensures essential objectivity. However, several additional features (such as the variety of games available, the payment options, and customer service quality) are also worth your attention.

By consulting our LiveDealers site, it will only take you a few minutes to analyze and compare these promotional offers. So we periodically check the latest bonuses offered to web users in order to guarantee satisfaction.

What to Look for in Casino Bonuses

Is your curiosity piqued by the value of a bonus offered from a Swiss online casino? The different characteristics (or conditions of use) presented below will help you better understand the nature of this offer in comparison to bonuses offered by competitors.

Deposit Requirements

Deposit requirements concerns offers where an initial payment is required. The amount of this credit is selected by the operator. If you can’t access this information or have further questions, do not hesitate to visit our LiveDealers site, where you will find more information about the offers and services of online casinos authorized by the Swiss authorities.

Minimum Bet

Some live casino bonuses may require a minimum bet amount.  This aspect is decisive for many beginners, who may increase the number of sessions based on the bet limit in order to gradually familiarize themselves with the interface and the basic rules.  Whereas connoisseurs will consider this limit as anecdotal information.

Capped Benefits

Capped Benefits refers to a restriction on cumulative winnings based on a set amount.  Thus, if your operator imposes a limit of CHF 200, your player credit cannot exceed this amount without making an additional deposit.

Finally, if your bonus mentions capped benefits, make sure that the detailed amount does not include the credit offered by the operator.

Time Limit

More complex, the time limit is another feature sometimes associated with a live casino bonus. The use of the credit offered must be done within a designated time frame (next few hours or even minutes). This type of offer may cause an adrenaline rush!

Variable Bonuses

Some casinos offer live casino bonuses where the value of the offer is selected by chance by the player. In general, several upturned cards are offered – your choice will then characterize your bonus. However, the odds of getting the best deal are sometimes questionable.

Bonus for specific games

Another restriction may also apply to the use of your bonus. Some operators offer attractive amounts dedicated to slot machines or even “classic” table games. Unfortunately, these offers generally exclude Live Roulette, Blackjack or Baccarat sessions.

Popular Live Casino Bonuses

Other characteristics may also define the promotional offer of a Swiss online casino, such as Match bonuses, free spins or VIP Points. LiveDealers will help you take stock of each of these opportunities.

Match Bonuses

The online casino match bonus refers to an offer defined in percentages (some operators offer up to 500% live casino bonus). In practice, this type of opportunity is directly linked to the value of your deposit. After checkout, you will see an increase in your player credit when connecting to the session of your choice.

Very often, conditions on the withdrawal of these bonuses are frequently imposed by the operator. Thus, it will sometimes be necessary for you to wager several times your initial credit to validate a payment.

Free Spins or Tokens

Bonuses offering tokens or free spins are generally offered in addition to another offer.

The free spins are reserved for slot machines fans. No matter how interested you are in these popular games, this type of bonus can sometimes bring in surprising amounts of money. So why not try it?

Finally, the live casino bonuses offering free chips will delight fans of table games.  These free credits can be used from standard or “live” software.

VIP Points

Each Swiss online casino has a VIP program. This is for the purpose of retaining active players through various opportunities (credits or free spins, removal of payment limits, Premium hotline service, etc.).

The accumulation of VIP points allows a player to win an additional “badge,” where a specific distinction (bronze, gold, platinum level, etc.) offers even more attractive advantages.  To find out more about this, do not hesitate to consult the “VIP program” section of your Swiss online casino or go directly to our LiveDealers site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about live casino bonuses?  Find all the answers related to the most popular questions via our FAQ!

How do I get a live casino bonus?

Live casino bonuses are often automatically awarded when various conditions are met.  However, some operators also apply a promotional code allocation system. This must be entered from your online player account or during a brief checkout.

If you are unable to take advantage of a bonus, do not hesitate to contact your operator directly by chat, email or telephone. Customer service will then be able to answer all of your questions.

Can I earn multiple live casino bonuses?

Absolutely. However, it is important to check the conditions of allocation of your operator. Then you can accumulate a welcome offer, free spins as well as VIP points from your first set of games. Of course, the first deposit made determines how much you can take advantage of these opportunities.

Please note: creating multiple player profiles from your casino is not allowed. Otherwise, your operator may delete these additional profiles before notifying you of a breach of its conditions of use.

Can I take advantage of other bonuses throughout the year?

The frequency and value of live casino bonuses are defined by each operator. However, in order to retain players, an online casino may offer additional bonuses when deposits are made regularly. Likewise, many operators grant their loyal users free credits on a birthday or a specific occasion (black Friday, Christmas, etc.).

Therefore these “confidential” bonuses can’t be detailed on our Livedealers site, where the award conditions are specific to each platform.

Is it possible to request payment of a live casino bonus?

Each live casino bonus is offered to players in order to enjoy free spins or increase the number of online spins. However, these credits offered can be withdrawn via the cashier of your operator. To take advantage of this, several conditions will be imposed.  Often, a minimum number of bets is required by your casino (20x, 30x or sometimes more). In other words, if the value of your bonus is 10 CHF and the minimum number of bets is 20, you will need to bet 200 CHF to withdraw this amount.

Obviously, Free Spins cannot be redeemed for real money. These must be used for slot machines.

What is the best type of live casino bonus?

It is impossible to answer this question objectively. Indeed, each type of live casino bonus has its advantages and disadvantages. The restrictions imposed by the operator (time limit, capped benefits, etc.) can nevertheless determine an offer’s relevance.

The majority of users will think that “no deposit bonuses” are more attractive.

At first glance, these opportunities are indeed ideal for playing without any expense. However, these offers have reduced amounts compared to deposit bonuses.

Finally, variable bonuses can sometimes offer a surprising amount of credits. Unsurprisingly, there is a major “luck factor.”

I received an email telling me that my VIP level has changed. How do I take advantage of this?

Your VIP level is defined by the loyalty program of your Swiss online casino. Do not hesitate to consult the “VIP” section of your operator to find out the advantages associated with your badge. Are you recognized as a VIP member? Simply drop, remove, or play your favorite games without changing your habits. Your benefits will be automatically assigned, so no need to enter a promotional code. If you are having problems taking advantage of your VIP benefits, simply contact your customer service and an agent will provide you with answers.

I can't use my bonus credit during a game at Live Casino. How can I resolve this problem?

Certain bonuses are allocated for specific games (slot machines, classic table games, live games, flash games, etc.). If your promotional offer is incompatible with Live Baccarat, Blackjack or Roulette sessions, your credit amount will be recalculated accordingly.

Before crediting your player account to take advantage of a deposit bonus, take the time to check the conditions of use detailed by your operator.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!