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January 3, 2020

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Play Live Baccarat Online

Baccarat is an exciting card game between a croupier and several players. The purpose of this game? Get a hand whose number of points is closest to 9. Players can bet according to the success of a player, the bank, or both.

Why Do Players prefer Baccarat Online?

Playing Baccarat Online is a great opportunity to play fun games with almost real conditions. In fact, each part is streamed live, which makes it very interactive. Still skeptical? The information presented below is sure to surprise you!


Forget the games based on a sometimes questionable computer algorithm. Here, all of the dealer’s actions and gestures are broadcast live. The distribution of cards is natural and much more trustworthy for players.

Real Casino Experience

Like other multiplayer games, Live Baccarat let’s you play in a wild and exciting game, where all strategies are allowed. The dealer speaks in real time and players can share their experience. If you’re a fan of land-based casinos, you will not be disappointed!

More Action

With Live Baccarat, every game session is more intense. Instead of computerized graphics of classic games, play with videos streamed live. Conditions that will really get your adrenaline rushing!

Higher Payouts

While the majority of Baccarat games impose payout limits, “Live Casino” sessions allow you to make higher winnings! Also, you’ll periodically find exclusive tournaments where the best players compete to win massive winnings.

Higher Limits

Do you want to maximize your bets and try to win ridiculous sums? Live Baccarat can meet your need: many sessions allow double or even triple the bets! Why not go for it?

More Fun

Every land-based casino often has restricted opening hours. With Live Baccarat, you have 24/7 access to this addictive game. The videos streamed in HD (and sometimes full HD) will guarantee optimal comfort and an experience similar to a physical establishment.

The Best Providers of Baccarat Online

The type of the live Baccarat provider is essential for your online enjoyment. Stability, accounting, and variety of software, LiveDealers offers you an objective selection of the best game publishers.

Evolution Gaming
Casino Games

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the leaders in the design of ‘Live Casino” software. Since 2008, this publisher has provided many operators with excellent games optimized for computer or mobile device users. Every year, many enthusiasts are enticed by their softwares’ stability and interface accesibility.

Casino Games

By guaranteeing perfectly designed “Live Casino” games in Java, Flash or HTML 5, NetEnt is very popular in the online casino field. This renowned publisher offers a surprising variety of software dedicated to online gambling.

Lucky Streak
Casino Games

Lucky Streak emphasizes the realism of its creations in order to enhance each Swiss online casino with its particularly addictive games. In addition to software dedicated to Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, this publisher also offers many slot machines via a multitude of operators.

Casino Games

Do not be fooled by the high quantity of casino games offered by Ezugi! This publisher prioritizes the quality of its software. The result is clear: whether it is a question of stability or accessibility, this editor will guarantee you numerous games with indisputable visual appeal.

Experience Baccarat Online Now!

After a few games of Live Baccarat, you will quickly admit that this game is very accessible (especially for beginners). With its simple rules and only a few distributions per game, Live Baccarat can also be suitable for “connoisseurs” looking for new experiences and games to play online.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

If you’re not familiar with Baccarat, we advise you to use the “demo” mode offered by your Swiss online casino. This will let you gradually understand each mechanism associated with this legendary game without losing real money.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides concrete answers to the most commonly asked questions on the web. If certain questions bother you, find the answers here!

How to play Live Baccarat?

Bet by clicking on the options on your screen. You have three options: player, banker or “draw (tie).” Be sure to identify the minimum and maximum bets before starting the game. The number of players allowed in each session is indicated on the main interface.

A dealer will shuffle the cards and give two cards to the player and the banker. If necessary, they will apply the rule of the third card. The bank announces the value of the players’ hands and applies the third rule for drawing cards. If you win the game, your player account will be immediately credited.

I can't find Baccarat Online in my casino. What can I do?

Baccarat Online is available from a majority of online casinos. However, you may notice that it is not available with some operators. If so, don’t hesitate to register with another competing site.

Unfortunately, browsing the web can lead you to discover some questionable and unauthorized platforms in Switzerland. To avoid this, choose LiveDealers to ensure the best possible gaming experience. LiveDealers offers you the best legal casinos where you will find every popular game live (Roulette, Baccarat or Blackjack).

Why is Live Baccarat so popular in Asian countries?

Baccarat was one of the earliest casino games in Asia. Its popularity is linked to the rules of the game themselves, or, at least, its accessibility! Indeed, it often only takes a few minutes to understand the basic mechanisms associated with this card game.

In recent years, Live Baccarat has also enjoyed flourishing and growing success with Europeans and Americans. So what are you waiting for?

Are there several variations of Live Baccarat?

Yes, and there are many variations. The most popular are, without a doubt, Chemin de Fer Baccarat, Super Pan Nine, Punto Banco, Mini Baccarat, and Canned Baccarat.

All the variants have the same basic rules. However, certain features will enhance your game experience. In recent years, some software providers have been offering new versions of this card game by combining fun and addictive aspects (Squeeze baccarat, baccarat control, Speed ​​baccarat, etc.).

What are the main differences between Classic Baccarat and Live Baccarat?

Whatever your choice, you will find the rules of the game to be the same. The most popular variants are also offered in every game platform. You won’t be confused or disoriented.

Furthermore with online casinos, you can play baccarat without time or geographic limits. So join an online session after a long day at work or during a well-deserved weekend!

Do amateurs have a place at a Live Baccarat table?

Yes, but the classic Baccarat tables are recommended for beginners.

Indeed, live dealer-free sessions will allow these players to gradually learn the different rules of Baccarat. Playing with reduced stakes is also useful advice in order to avoid possible losses linked to your player credit.

Live Baccarat is an excellent opportunity to view and assimilate the strategies employed by online participants. In addition, if you have questions, you can also obtain additional information through live chat.

Is it possible to play Baccarat Online from a smartphone or a tablet?

Yes. The majority of online casinos offer a mobile version of their games. However, be sure to check the stability of the software before starting your first session in real conditions. Again, the type of software provider and operator will be a decisive factor. Take the time to carefully select your casino!

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!