Find out the rules / variants of Roulette online and apply the best strategies for beginners!
January 3, 2020

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Roulette Online - Live!

Roulette Online is arguably one of the most popular casino games. The idea is simple: a ball turns in a numbered roulette before landing on a result that is a number, a color or other value. Roulette is a very accessible and addictive game that causes intense adrenaline rushes! But did you know that it’s possible to play live sessions dedicated to this exciting game?

Why do some Players prefer Live Online Roulette?

Taking part in a game of Live Roulette Online is a real opportunity for gambling fans. Still skeptical? The advantages listed below are sure to surprise you!


Why play according to a computer algorithm when many Live Roulette Online sessions have a real dealer? Every ball movement is filmed and the wait times are respected – much more trustworthy for players!

Real Casino Experience

Forget the perfectible graphics of some classic online Roulette software.  Streaming videos show a real gaming table. This gaming system is just like playing in land-based casinos.  Playing in real conditions without having to take a trip is now possible!

More Action

During an Roulette Online session, live chat allows you to communicate with other players. Share a victory or a defeat, offer wise advice, wait patiently for the result of the ball, and get ready for the thrill!

Higher Payouts

While the majority of Roulette Online sessions allow bets similar to the amounts of classic software, some exclusive games are sometimes organized to bring together the best players.  These offer higher bets where the winnings are sometimes unbelievable.

Higher Limits

Exceed the usual limits during a live Roulette Online session!  The payouts initially authorized are reassessed by your casino. So you can withdraw your winnings without being penalized with a maximum amount.

More Entertaining

Enjoy unrivaled entertaining by meeting other players in a Live Roulette Online session. In the morning, afternoon, evening or in the middle of the night, simply make a few clicks to join a game of “Live Casino” game. What are you waiting for?

Best Live Roulette Providers

The brand of online Roulette game provider may or may not guarantee you an optimal experience. Learn more about this by reading the selection of the best “Live Casino” software publishers.

Evolution Gaming
Casino Games

Evolution Gaming is considered one of the leaders in the design of ‘Live Casino” software. Since 2008, this publisher has provided many operators with excellent games optimized for computer or mobile device users. Every year, many enthusiasts are enticed by their softwares’ stability and interface accesibility.

Casino Games

By guaranteeing perfectly designed “Live Casino” games in Java, Flash or HTML 5, NetEnt is very popular in the online casino field. This renowned publisher offers a surprising variety of software dedicated to online gambling.

Lucky Streak
Casino Games

Lucky Streak emphasizes the realism of its creations in order to enhance each Swiss online casino with its particularly addictive games. In addition to software dedicated to Blackjack, Baccarat or Roulette, this publisher also offers many slot machines via a multitude of operators.

Casino Games

Do not be fooled by the high quantity of casino games offered by Ezugi! This publisher prioritizes the quality of its software. The result is clear: whether it is a question of stability or accessibility, this editor will guarantee you numerous games with indisputable visual appeal.

Your first Roulette Online Live session Awaits!

Playing live Roulette online is an ideal solution for entertaining and trying to win huge profits. No matter the time of day, there are a multitude of “Live Casino” games available from your favorite casino. In addition, more or less substantial welcome bonuses are offered with each new registration. All the conditions are there to experience your first intense sessions from the comfort of your computer, smartphone or touch pad.

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!

Choosing the right operator is an essential step to enjoying an optimal gaming experience. Take a moment to analyze the brand of the game providers, the quality of customer service, or the various authorized payment methods before joining your first live sessions of Roulette Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about live Roulette Online sessions? LiveDealers offers you this FAQ where each relevant question is responded to with objective and verified answers by our team of experts.

How do I know if my Live Roulette Online casino sessions are secure?

The best method to check if the live sessions of Roulette Online of your casino are secure is to select operators recognized by the Swiss authorities. In this regard, LiveDealers only offers legally certified platforms, which apply security protocols in order to encrypt each person’s personal and banking data. If you see the letters “HTTPS” in the URL of your browser, it confirms that your information is secure.

How long does a game of Live Roulette Online last?

Each game of Roulette Online Roulette takes place in 3 steps. The first is announced by the popular expression “Place Your Bets!,” after which players are allowed to bet on the expected results. Then, the sentence ‘All bets are off” marks the end of bets (no additional token can be placed on the table). Finally, the result that the ball lands on is announced. In general, all these stages are done in 2 or 3 minutes, and the collected profits are immediately transferred to the winners.

Can I play Roulette Online from my phone?

Participating in a Live Roulette Online session from a phone is an ideal solution for mobile entertainment. However, make sure that your casino offers a mobile version of its games and services. If you can’t find a dedicated app from the Apple Appstore or Google Play, don’t hesitate to go to the official website of your operator via the browser on your smartphone. Some platforms ensure perfect smartphone compatibility without developing a designated app.

Do I have to pay fees when depositing or withdrawing from my Swiss Online Casino?

Again, the answer to this question will depend on your operator. However, the majority of Swiss online casinos apply fees for each bank transaction. Rest assured, these are only a few cents of the Swiss Franc. To find out more, go directly to the “Payment” section of your online platform. There, you will find all the information relating to deposits and withdrawals.

Are the results of a live Roulette Online session are random?

Some players will argue that the results announced during a Live Roulette Online session are predetermined based on the bets made. The software usef is based on a computer algorithm where the player’s trust is highly important. However, the live parts of Roulette are filmed from multiple angles to capture the real-time movements of the ball. No feeling of “cheating” can be objectively made.

How to Join a Live Roulette Online Session?

It only takes a few minutes to join your first live Roulette online session. Obviously, registration is an essential step here. To do this, click on the corresponding icon from the main casino interface. Some information must be entered (full name, address, etc.). Then you will receive a confirmation email with a link to validate your email and login to your account. Lastly, enter your bank details to make your first deposit. Once completed, you will be free to choose the software and game of your choice.

How can I maximize my chances of winning?

Each live session of Roulette Online is predominantly based on luck. However, if you are new to the game, LiveDealers recommends that you bet on simple results (color or even / odd). In addition, your “Live Casino” games will allow you to analyze the strategies of other players in order to perfect your playing style. We encourage you to chat with other players, who can provide you with relevant information to maximize your chances of winning!

Double your first deposit (up to 800 CHF)!
After registering, take part in a raffle and try to win CHF 1,000!