The complete Guide for Online Roulette: Rules and Tips for getting started

Without a doubt, online roulette is one of the most popular casino games. However, its rules can seem complex at first glance. This comprehensive guide will allow beginners to quickly become familiar with this addictive game.

The rules of online roulette

Roulette Online is one of the most popular casino games. And while its rules seem difficult at first, you can easily familiarize yourself with the rules of this incredibly addictive game by using our comprehensive guide.

The Rules of Roulette Online

Before playing the game in real conditions, you have to understand the rules. The “basics” of Roulette Online are the same in each of the variations of the game.

Here are some instructions:

  • Add credits to your account via your casino
  • Choose the boxes in which you want to bet according to a value, a combination of values, a specific color etc.
  • If you play without a dealer, you have more time to wager your virtual chips before confirming your bets
  • When the ball lands on a square, the croupier checks the players’ bets and ensures payouts are made
  • When the distribution of winning chips is completed, a new round is announced where players can bet again

So Many Accessible Variations

Several variants are available for playing roulette online. However, the three most popular rules refer to American, European and English roulette varieties.

European (or French) roulette is characterized by a box designating a zero.

American roulette offers an additional “double zero” box.

English roulette is similar to European roulette. However, some differences remain between these 2 variants. Such as, the number of players is limited, and each player receives different color tokens. All have a fixed value. To vary the size of your bets, you must bet more chips or play from a table offering higher bets / winnings.

European roulette is often the favorite choice for players because the chances of winning slightly higher chance compared to the rules of American Roulette Online.

Roulette Online – one step at a time!

Some terms used during each game of online roulette:

  • Announcement: Beginning of the game (when the player presents the dealer with his bet and the combination he wishes to play)
  • Association: allows you to regroup between players in order to make strategic bets
  • Bouleur: the Croupier throws the ball to start the game
  • Corner: simultaneous bet on 4 central spaces of the mat
  • Simple odds: Stakes placed on even, odd, red, black, pass or miss
  • The Emperor’s coup: bet everything according to “simple odds”
  • Wheel: designates the turntable of the roulette table which includes, depending on the variant, 37 game numbers.
  • Double: Expression used when a player comes across an identical result twice in a row

Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, we advise you to repeat an identical bet, despite several successive defeats. If you lose the bet, double the bet in the next round to try to get your money back.

3 types of online roulette bets are allowed:

  1. The wheel offers two colors: black and red. Choose whichever color feels right.
  2. The results are divided into two types of values: odd or even. Make your choice and persevere until your next victory. If you lose, double your bet to get your money back.
  3. The third type of bet is to divide the 36 digits of the wheel into 2 groups. So bet on numbers 0 to 18, or 19 to 36.

As a beginner, we recommend the first type of bet where your chances of winning will be 50%. But please note that some casinos do not allow betting on the same color or the same number. O

In that instance, one method of winning is to use a combination of different solutions.

Another applicable tip: a player can observe and remember the last four numbers or types that are repeated and, after 3 series, bet on the same type of bets. For example, if the first bet shows a red result and this color was observed 3 times in a row, change and bet on black!

When the last numbers repeated in roulette online are 8, 30, 17, 5, it means that 3 numbers come out frequently and that it might be better to bet between 1 and 19. However, it’s better to change and bet on the values ​between 19 and 36 if you want to increase your chances of winning. After 8 games, do not hesitate to leave your session to avoid possible suspicion.

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